Jun 05

Our New Way of Planning

This morning I had to wake up at quarter to five so I could catch a bus to work. My boss wanted everyone in two hours early so we could discuss the sales we were going to make today. The people coming in are very professional and will not give up until they get what they want. I remember last year one of my co-workers who now works at Leeds escorts, thought he could take on these guys by himself. He ended up losing out on a thousand dollars and the company around five thousand. After that event, my boss fired him immediately and he was sent out the door quicker than he came in. Now that we have briefings before big sales, we have saved out company loads of money by just becoming more organized in our offices and thoughts.

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May 29

The Transformation Of Plax The Geek

I have a friend named Plax. His name might be unique, but so is he as an individual. Let’s put it this way, he’s 36 and up until last year, he still lived with his parents. Up until one year ago, his favorite thing to do was to collect baseball cards and hang up pictures of former supermodels. One bad habit he hasn’t been able to get rid of is blasting cheesy 1980s rock from his Camaro. The good news is that he has changed his life for the better – much better.

Now, instead of collecting baseball cards and researching their values all day long, Plax spends his time on fuck buddy sites. It seems like he has a different girlfriend every week, which impresses most of his friends. What stands out most is that his attire and confidence have changed for the better. He is a completely different man. I had no idea that those sites could do that much for someone.

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May 03

I Just Don’t Get It

Once again I am screwed over by someone who I thought was a close friend. Last Friday when we were supposed to be hanging out I caught her with a man in her bed. Who might this man be you ask? The person who I also was having casual sex London with. The sad thing about this is she knew all about me and the guy and still went after him anyways. I keep reminding myself to just forget about it and she is not worth it, but it saddens me. We had been friends for 20 some odd years and I never would have thought she would do something like this. I actually loved and cared about her which is rare for me in a friendship. So needless to say I am not angry, just very sad and bummed out. Especially at that fact that I know my heart cannot every forgive her.

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